Light-traction Batteries

The Special NBA batteries, suitable for light traction, are made following the criteria used in the construction of high-power traction accumulators.

Construction materials

The Special NBA – light traction batteries are built with polypropylene, a corrosion resistant plastic material. The filler caps have vent holes that allow the coil to ventilate properly. The lids are fully heat sealed. The density of the electrolyte (acidic water solution), combined with the particular composition of the active matter, allows for a correct ion exchange to take place, which gives the battery an exceptional energy storage and long-lasting performance.
The lead plates, flat in our PP series and tubular in our TU series, are made by sophisticated processes that give them efficiency, strength and reliability over time.

Quality check

During production, there are five NBA batteries’ quality check phases. Quality check of materials, assembly, pressurization, state of charge, and final testing. The quality of the materials and the manufacturing technique of the main components combined with the rigorous execution of our production processes lead to a drastically low percentage of defects.


Electric vehicles, pallet trucks, scrubbers, sweepers, electric wheelchairs, golf cars, lifting platforms, solar panels.

Main NBA Benefits

– Wide range of amperage for every type of application and overall dimensions.
– Low water consumption, reduced maintenance.
– Easy handling and low weight.
– Constant performance and long-lasting life.
– Reinforced grids.
– High porosity separators, with very low internal resistance.
– Special tubular plates for high absorption with low antimony content.
– Excellent value for money.