Light-traction Batteries

Sealed batteries

To prevent danger of incidents, it’s necessary pay attention to the following points:
A) Electrolyte contained inside batteries is a sulfuric acid solution, therefore a corrosive material. In case of contact with skin, eyes, clothes or painted surfaces wash immediately with abundant water.
Concerning eyes, medical cares are useful. Keep out from children’s reach.
B) Batteries generate explosive gas. In order to prevent danger of explosion, do not approach batteries with flames, cigarettes, and do not generate sparks during operations of setting, removing, checking and starting with false connections through batteries or auxiliary equipments. When a battery have to be charged, pay attention to the correct connection of polarity with charger, carrying out safe connections which avoid sparks and avoiding to use too high currents of charge.
If charge process takes place in narrow places, provide a suitable ventilation.
On request, NBA can supply a wider range of special batteries for customer’s special requirements.
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